Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Compass

I used this activity in a Spanish Language lesson about homophones but it can be used for any other topic.  I learnt it in some courses I took about new methodologies for the classroom.

1. I gave the students the drawing of a compass and they glued it onto their notebooks.
2. When I said each of the cardinal points, they had to meet one classmate and write their names on the drawing.
3. Once they had collected four names (one for each cardinal point) they sat down and I explained the next step to them.
4. When I said “North” they had to look for the classmate that they had written in North. Then, they had to think about two homophone words and make a sentence containing the two of them.

With this activity they learn how to work with different classmates and, at the same time, they learn how to solve problems or do any activity together.

By Mercedes Delgado
Primary 5
Santísima Trinidad School

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