Monday, 24 November 2014

One, two, three, let's play

Our main aims:
- teaching foreign languages and other subjects employing PLAYMOBIL, LEGO and SCHLEICH toys, which are top favourite ones among European kids /  insegnare la lingua Inglese e alter discipline con l’utilizzo di PLAYMOBIL, LEGO and SCHLEICH
- meeting the demands of different learning styles/ rispondere ai diversi stili d’apprendimento
- stimulating their own creativity / stimolare la creatività
- challenging all the students but particulary  the disruptive ones / creare stimoli per gli alunni in particolare per quelli con disturbi d’apprendimento
- developing thinking skills / sviluppare le capacità di pensiero
- improving the quality and efficiency of education / migliorare la qualità e l’efficacia dell’insegnamento
- integrating pupils with special needs / supportare l’integrazione di alunni con bisogni speciali

This project will consist of a series of educational activities designed to achieve learning objectives included in curriculum planning school, involving pupils of different classes. The goal for the staff of teachers involved is to conduct field trials, using bricks and various characters as a means to learn creatively promoting the individual and collective growth.

The instalment  of proper playing positions within the classrooms would allow the daily use of these teaching strategies and would enhance the autonomy of the students, who are to work in turns in small groups (2-3 children). The repository of materials with appropriate classification also requires the purchase of containers of different sizes and shelves.

Mrs Marzia, our teacher near the writing desk and the blackboard.

Pupils are cooperating to build the logo of this project: everyone has entered their character, who represents  himself/herself  and has explained others his /her own choice.

By Marzia with Lego at G.Rodari Primary school, ICS Ignoto Militi, Saronno, Italy

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