Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Lesson plan - Kazoo - how a simple instrument works

Specific objectives:
is able to build a simple musical instrument on their own
is familiar with the principle of kazoo operation
gets to know the vocabulary of the experiment in English

General objectives:
developing  scientific thinking - the ability to draw conclusions based on empirical observations
improving  teamwork skills
stimulating the need to learn science in English

Working methods:
assimilation of knowledge – a talk, lecture
independent investigation into knowledge

toilet roll tube
tissue paper
elastic band
instruction  in English from The Mad Scientist Teaches: Physics

Lesson phases:

1.Class division into experimental groups
2. Subject and goals specification

1. Video presentation        
2. Video content  discussion
3. Presentation of the Kazoo instruction
4. Doing the experiment
5. Testing how the instrument works

1. a discussion of how the instrument works.
2. doing tasks on an e-learning platform:
by Agnieszka Drowanowska
and Anna Dołżyńska

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