Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Educational Theatre

On 8th June The Bear Educational Theatre, a theatre which supports English teaching by producing interactive educational  performances and workshops, visited our school. The primary
pupils watched “The Alien Grammar Show” - the story of an Alien who is on Earth to look for her children Blip and Blop. She is being chased by two intergalactic agents  who want to  kill her. Both the alien and the agents need help from the audience which makes the show extremely interactive. Older students had an opportunity to see “Murder at Wimbledon”. Two tennis players meet in the ladies semi-final of Wimbledon. One of them is older, more experienced and the clear favourite. However, she is killed during a break in play, and it is not clear who did it. The actors helped our students to find out who the killer is.
Our pupils enjoyed the shows very much, which can be seen in the photo-report.

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