Thursday, 25 May 2017

Gloria Fuertes.

Gloria Fuertes was born in 1918 in Madrid, Spain, where she lived most of her life. She published 15 books of poetry and 34 children´s books before her death in 1998. She became particularly well-known after her collaborations on children´s TV shows. In her work, seh defended equality between men and women, pacifism, and the fight for the environment. With the centenary of her birth in 2017, the recognition of her role in Spanish poetry as a shole during the 20th century have increased greatly.

Today the students of first grade have heard stories, riddles ...

In the pictures you can see Mrs. Pilar del Teso telling a story titled 

The Weepy Fish

I share with you my own translation of one of the poems by Gloria Fuertes that I like the most:

Con todo se puede hacer algo.
Hasta con un cero
- que parece que no vale nada - : 
se puede hacer la Tierra, 

una rueda,

una manzana, 

una luna,

una sandía, 

una avellana. 

Con dos ceros

se pueden hacer unas gafas. 

Con tres ceros, 

se puede escribir: 

yo os quiero

Something can always be done out of anything.
Even with a zero,
-that seems to be nothing-:

You can make the Earth,
a wheel,
an apple,
a moon,
a watermelon,
a hazelnut.

With two zeros
you can make a pair of glasses.

With three zeros,
one can write:
y0 0s quier0-I love you-.

Thank you very much, Pilar! 

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